Remote Testimony Witness/Depositions

Witness, at a court's discretion, remote testimony given over the phone or by video, when a person cannot be physically present in court (usually in another state). 
(Court staff or a lawyer will provide client/witness with information such as date, time and telephone number to call during telephone or video court hearing).
Call 770-568-9663 or email for us to swear you in if the state where the hearing is taking place allows it, for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Mobile notary public fees start at $25 and up based on the type of document or form, number of signers, distance (travel fee), and paid parking. Fees for other services will be set as they arise.
We do not have attorneys, escrow officers or financial advisors on staff and therefore cannot explain or advise you on your forms or their contents nor give legal or financial advice. Any questions about the documents should be addressed to a lawyer or the department or company you obtained the paperwork from.
The notary acts as a witness to the signing of forms by ensuring that 1) the signer is the person named in the paperwork and 2) the individual isn't being made to sign anything against their will as much as possible. The signer should be prepared to prove who they are by showing an active (non expired) government issued picture I.D. such as a drivers license, passport or military I.D.